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Obagi Peels in Jacksonville, NC

You deserve great-looking skin. But so many of the skin care products available today simply don’t yield the results you’re looking for. With the Obagi Blue Peel® from Thomas J. Rojy Jr. MD in Jacksonville, NC, you can accelerate your results and gain healthier, more youthful skin*. Coupled with a customized skin care regimen, the Obagi peel can help you achieve the beautiful skin you’ve always dreamed of and the enhanced quality of life that comes with it*.

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A Name You Can Trust

The Obagi name is synonymous with state-of-the-art products and outstanding results. At Thomas J. Rojy Jr. MD in Jacksonville, NC, we proudly offer the Obagi line of premium skin care products, including the revolutionary new Obagi Blue Peel. Obagi products deliver true transformations, allowing clients to experience the clearer, healthier skin they crave – even when other products and treatments have failed*.

Trust your skin to Obagi and the skin care team at Thomas J. Rojy Jr. MD. Call today to find out if the Obagi peel is right for you.

*results will vary