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ZERONA is an FDA cleared body contouring device, proven safe and effective at removing unwanted fat and inches with no surgery, pain, bruising, or rec
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Lili C.

Dr. Rojy is an excellent doctor.

I would recommend Dr. Rojy without hesitation; I have been a patient of his for ten years. He could be a Beverley Hills plastic surgeon; he is that good.


Marsha B.

Dr. Rojy was compassionate and meticulous in his attention to my needs. His staff was very kind and considerate. He went well beyond my expectations and I am thrilled with the work he did. His prices were very comparable. I received more than I expected!


Linda P.

Detail-oriented perfectionist!

Dr. Rojy is a board-certified plastic surgeon and hand specialist. He performed my breast reduction and I could not have been more pleased with the results. He literally studies one's anatomy before performing any procedure to give the best possible result for each patient. Follow-up is excellent. When I called the hospital to report a higher-than-normal temperature, he called within 5 minutes to reassure me that it was normal and gave me the parameters for calling again or going to the hospital. He has since removed several of my moles as well as my son's. Each visit has been a good experience with caring health professionals.



Dr. Rojy is amazing. I am so glad that my wife took me to see him. I had an injury to my face and leg at work using explosives and was treated at naval. I was not seen by a plastic surgeon or referred. We called Dr. Rojy and he saw us in 30 minute notice. He has been caring for my facial injury and now it is almost completely healed in less than two weeks. If I had not seen Dr. Rojy my face would have healed lumpy and with particles still under my skin with possible infection. He took his time and did an incredible job. He explained exactly how to care for it, what to use on it and has been following up as it heals. It should barely have any visible scar when it is fully healed. We are so grateful to have him as a Dr. and only wish he was a primary Dr. as well. He has gone above and beyond. Thank you so much!*




Dr. Rojy and ALL of the staff are A-MAZ-ING!! I have had a tummy tuck 2 rounds of Zerona and laser hair removal. Dr. Rojy is extremely meticulous and cautious about his procedures. He called me regularly to check on my recovery and was very concerned. "You get what you pay for" he may NOT be the "cheapest" but he is without a doubt the BEST. Every nurse from the hospital where the procedure was performed said they would only use him if they needed any work done because he is so careful and thorough.



Excellent Dr. cares about patients. Friendly staff.

Dr. Rojy is the best. Everyone I know who has gone to his office loves him and his staff. They really care about their patients. Everyone needs to make very careful choices when getting healthcare. No worries here - he is the best. No need to leave Jacksonville - we have the best right here.




I have been going to Dr. Rojy since the mid 1990's for various procedures, etc. I am happy to say that his staff is kind, patient and courteous. Dr. Rojy is always pleasant and has a great sense of humor. There is hardly ever a wait time and if so, it is because an emergency has come up. They work with you on any kind of billing issue you may have. I would highly recommend him.


President/Founder Lightning Strike & Electric Shock Survivors Int, Inc.

He's the best! He saved my thumb for which I am eternally grateful. He has removed many suspicious melanomas and carcinomas as well as diagnosed and removed one each.



Over the last ten years I've had three cysts and a skin cancer removed. Dr. Rojy did an excellent job on each. He does very meticulous work and has a great personality. I would highly recommend!!!



A friend recommended Dr. Rojy and I was very happy with my whole experience from the beginning till now. Every appointment made me feel at ease with the whole experience. I am petite and have a small frame and Doctor Rojy helped me with his expertise and opinion to help me get the results I wanted. I just wanted to not shop in the teen department and wear clothes that made me feel better. I wanted to look natural. I had one breast that was slightly bigger than the other. Now I feel normal and much happier. My procedure was done in January and has had several appointments for follow-up. The staff is friendly, professional, and caring. I would highly recommend Doctor Rojy and his staff to anyone considering this procedure. For many years I debated having the procedure done but now I have no regrets with the procedure.



Love Dr. Rojy & His Staff

Everybody is friendly and caring. They answer my million questions with smiles. Dr. Rojy really cares about his patients.



Excellent Work-up and Follow-up

I have had several small procedures and one major procedure performed by Dr. Rojy. I would recommend him to anyone. The office staff is friendly. The office itself is clean and well-appointed. Dr. Rojy is meticulous about work-up and preparation, the procedures themselves as well as after-care with phone calls and follow-up office visits. Getting an appointment quickly can be a challenge for non-acute cases because his level of care is in such high demand


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