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Thermage in Jacksonville, NC

Call today to find out more about  Thermage. The in office non surgical skin tighten treatment with no downtime. Procedure results can be seen as soon as the day of the treatment*. Thermage treatments help promote new collagen production to help diminish the signs of aging. As we age we lose collagen resulting in loose saggy skin. Thermage  can help rebuild collagen which results in smoother, tighter, more contoured skin, giving you a younger, more rested but natural looking appearance.

Thermage can effectively treat face, eyes and body.

Face:  Smoothes & improves the appearance of lax wrinkled skin*

Eyes: Smoothes & tightens the upper and lower lids*

Body:  Helps to smooth, tighten & contour*

Unlike most other technologies that require multiple treatments that produce early results that fade, Thermage is a onetime treatment that produces results that continue to improve for months after  treatment. The peak results of treatment are usually seen at 4 to 6 months after treatment and studies show that the patients final results have lasted beyond 18 months*. The newest Generation Thermage also uses CPT - comfort pulse technology making treatments more comfortable than in the past.

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*results will vary